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Currently training for:

Chicago Marathon

Current PRs

5K - 25:02
8K - 40:15
10K - 54:59
10mi - 1:35:35
Half Marathon - 1:57:55
Marathon - 4:53:10

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Jordan has read 9 books toward her goal of 12 books.
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And a very special thank you to my biggest cheerleaders for following me all over Chicago 💗 #chimarathon (at Grant Park, Chicago)

So glad to be finished! 4:35:56 - almost an 18 min PR :) #chimarathon (at Grant Park, Chicago)


Want to track my progress on Sunday?

For text alerts at the major milestones, send 1995 (my bib #) to 37619 or go here to sign up online. If they hold to form, you’ll get 10K, half, 30K, and finish updates. Each one with chip time, pace, and projected finish.

If that’s not enough, you can go…

What Chris said. Except my bib is 37043 and I’m much much slower :)

Checked in! #chimarathon #ownchicago (at McCormick Place)

My last shakeout run before Sunday (and it felt awesome!!!):

The latest weather forecast:

And finally my goals:

A Goal:  4:25 finish

B Goal:  4:30 finish

C Goal:  Anything under 4:53

My flight to Chicago is in the morning and I could not be more excited. I can’t wait to get up there and feel the marathon energy! Good luck to those running on Sunday and may we all have our “A” races :)

Let’s go out there and #OWNCHICAGO!!

Oh hey, remember me? I used to recap my training and then I fell off the face of the earth 6 weeks ago.  

Everything was going well until I ran the Rock’n’Roll VA Beach Half on Labor Day weekend:


I ran three miles to the start line so I could get in at least 16 miles for the day. The weather was brutal:


At 6am it already felt like 80 degrees with 94% humidity. I was definitely a passenger on the strugglebus that day.  

Somewhere along the way during this training cycle I completely lost my mojo for running. My legs hurt all the time and I was exhausted… I was over marathon training in week 13 of my 18 week plan. This is what happened during my first marathon training experience as well. Maybe I needed a shorter plan?

So, I took the week after RnRVB off from running. And then that kind of spilled over into week 14. I was acting like I had already run the race! I knew that I had to get my act together in week 15 or I could kiss any hopes of a decent marathon goodbye.  On a beautiful fall September morning, I completed one of my best long runs to date:



Yes, my pacing is ALL over the place but what’s new? That’s definitely a goal for after the marathon. I was just happy to have the 20 miler under my belt.  The next weekend was a 12 miler (1:57:48 / 9:48 pace) - nothing special to report.

My last “long” run looked a little like this:


This was not the confidence building run I was looking for, my legs felt like shit! I’m hoping it was just a taper tantrum.

We’re now 4 days out from the marathon - 4 DAYS!! I’ve been weather stalking ever since it popped into the 10 day forecast. This is the current prediction:


Eh. Loving the temperature not so much the 50% chance of rain. Yesterday it was 20%. I’m curious to see how much it changes between now and Sunday.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I pretty much fell apart during the final weeks of training but I’m hoping it’s enough to carry me across the finish line in one piece!


4 Days. Chicago Marathon.



My favorite runner’s view video of the Chicago Marathon. If you can get past the shakiness of the video, you see the whole course and crowd support.

1 WEEK!!!! Time to get pumped up!

It was a beautiful morning for a 20 mile run…now we taper! #chimarathon #runchat #marathontraining (at Salem Lake Trail)

At the start of #RnRVB #latergram #runchat (at Virginia Beach Convention Center)