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Chicago Marathon

Current PRs

5K - 25:02
8K - 40:15
10K - 54:59
10mi - 1:35:35
Half Marathon - 1:57:55
Marathon - 4:53:10

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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At the start of #RnRVB #latergram #runchat (at Virginia Beach Convention Center)

#TeamJordan after the Rock’n’Roll Virginia Beach 1/2, I made it a long run by running to the start. 16.23 total miles for the day! #RnRVB #marathontraining #chimarathon #hotashell #brutalhumidity #latergram (at Virginia Beach Boardwalk)

Remember how I told you that I wasn’t going to change my mileage this week? I’m going to drop my scheduled run today so that my legs will be somewhat rested for Sunday’s half marathon. 

Instead, I’ll show you some cool pictures from our trip to the Georgia Aquarium last weekend. Beluga whales, turtles, dolphins, seahorses, jellyfish, really pretty tropical fish, whale sharks… it was a lot of fun (albeit packed as hell) and I’m glad we had the opportunity to fit in our schedule. If you’re ever in Atlanta, I highly suggest making a trip to the aquarium and surrounding Olympic Park / World of Coke / College Football Hall of Fame.  

In honor of Gamecock Football kicking off tonight, I’m throwing it back to some amazing game day memories! #tbt #usc #gamecocks #gococks


Yup. Pretty much sums it up.

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All aboard the struggle bus….

This hurt. That is all.

Race weather stalking:

Of course summer is going to return this weekend…. 

  • I can’t believe we’re in week 12! It’s becoming more real every day.
  • My calves were miserable the first mile, which is why it’s so off - I stopped to stretch and didn’t pause my Garmin.
  • I think my legs felt so bad because I didn’t drink water all day. I’m embarrassed to have just typed that. Very stupid on my part.
  • The weather was absolutely beautiful tonight, it made my run somewhat enjoyable.
  • It’s technically a race week for me since I’m running the Rock’n’Roll VA Beach half marathon this Sunday but since I’m not shooting for a time goal I decided not to change my planned mileage this week.

Y’all have a good evening and happy running :)

Happy #nationaldogday to the other love of my life! #wrigley #westie

Another week in the books!  Week 11 was pretty solid for me, I made the decision to cutback my long run since I was in Atlanta for a wedding and didn’t want to be shot all day. But I’ve been planning for this since the beginning of training and was the reason why I ran 18 last Saturday.

Here’s what went down:

Monday, August 18th - Rest

Tuesday, August 19th - 5mi in 49:25; avg pace = 9:53 (PM treadmill run)

Wednesday, August 20th - 8mi in 1:19:53; avg pace = 9:59 (PM treadmill run)

Thursday, August 21st - 5mi in 46:55; avg pace = 9:23 (PM treadmill run)

Friday, August 22nd - Rest

Saturday, August 23rd - 8.81mi in 1:29:20; avg pace = 10:08 (AM Hotlanta run)

Sunday, August 24th - 4.16mi in 37:58; avg pace = 9:07 (PM neighborhood run)

Total = 30.97mi / 5:04

Good morning, downtown ATL!

Saturday stats:

My Garmin had the hardest time picking up a satellite in downtown Atlanta, so I used my Nike+ app for the total time and mileage. It was super hot, humid, and sunny on Saturday morning. There were several times where I kept feeling slightly dizzy. It was the first really hot and humid day I’ve experienced thus far in this training cycle. All other times I’ve complained were nothing compared to Saturday. I think it was much closer to 80 when I finished. Atlanta has a pretty impressive trail system (much better than I’m used to here in North Carolina). I jumped on the Freedom Park Trail from downtown and ran until I hit the Beltline Trail (Eastside) which I jumped on, looped Piedmont Park and headed back to my hotel:

More information from the Beltline project (taken from this website):

Atlanta peeps - y’all are spoiled! I think this is awesome.

When I got home on Sunday, I couldn’t resist running in the cooler weather:

Even though the temperature was slightly higher than what I started in yesterday, the lower humidity, fall-like breeze, and clouds were magical. What a difference the weather can make in your runs!

Have a great week!

This was my first time being tagged, so thanks elkay723!

Rule1: Always post the rules.
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Here are the questions:

1- Favorite post-run indulgence:  Cheeseburger or ice cream.  Usually both.

2- If you are skipping out on a run, what are you most likely doing? Watching The Real Housewives of {insert city that is currently airing}

3- Dream race(s):  NYC Marathon

4- What is your favorite sports team, professional or college? University of South Carolina Gamecocks, Carolina Panthers, and the Chicago Cubs

5- If money was no object, what’s your ultimate vacation? A complete European adventure

6- What is the one movie or tv show that you cannot turn off, no matter how many times you have seen it? Grey’s Anatomy, currently re-watching it now via Netflix

7- What was your first car?  Nissan 200 SX (hand me down from my older sister)

8- What is the best advice you have ever gotten? Do the next right thing.

9- If you didn’t have to work for a living, how would you spend your time? (If this is you already- how can I be you? Ha!) Are resources unlimited?! Travel, travel, travel - it makes for the BEST experiences! 

Bonus question- if you could kiss anyone besides your significant other, who would it be? Sam Hunt