• 17th April
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Marathon #2

Running the NYC Marathon is one of my dream races.  I’ve entered the lottery twice, including this year, but sadly have never gotten in.  I wasn’t even considering running a marathon this year and somehow I found myself entering the Chicago Marathon’s lottery the day I found out I didn’t get into NYC.  

I didn’t refresh my email like I did while waiting for NYC, but I was definitely still shocked to see this come through on Monday afternoon:

I had mixed emotions.  I was excited that I was selected but knew I was going to have to put some thought into this decision.  Would I want to train in the heat and humidity of a North Carolina summer? Was I ready to commit 4+ months to training? Could we swing the expenses of a destination race?  

Confession:  I signed up for Chicago in 2012 but didn’t run.  I registered on a whim without thinking it through, so when training was supposed to start a couple of months later, I realized that it was bad timing and my heart just wasn’t into it.  Sorry, Chicago… it wasn’t you, it was me.  Does anyone else get excited when they see so many people signing up for a race that they feel like they need to as well?  Call it a little FOMO (fear of missing out) and that’s exactly what I did two years ago.  I sure would like that $150 back (yes, it’s already up to $185).  I ended up running the Disney Marathon in January 2013 (the year it was 85 degrees and truly miserable).  

So after several conversations with my husband and thoughtful consideration on my part, I decided to make it official.  Chicago will be my marathon #2.

The hotel has been booked, a training plan picked out, and I finally have an excited heart.  Official training will start the week of June 9th but I will continue to run my usual 3-4 days a week so I have a solid base.

I hope to use this space to document my journey to Chicago, help keep me accountable, and to connect with others who will be running in the Windy City on 10/12/14.