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Chicago Marathon

Current PRs

5K - 25:02
8K - 40:15
10K - 54:59
10mi - 1:35:35
Half Marathon - 1:57:55
Marathon - 4:53:10

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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  • I slogged through the entire 4 miles. I’m shocked my splits aren’t worse than that.
  • My legs ached so bad that I didn’t even notice how hot it was.
  • Wore my new shoes. So far so good. But again my legs probably distracted me from that too.
  • I’ve gained 3 pounds since I started training. Gross. I find it hilarious to watch non-runners reactions to that.
  • Today was one of those days where I cursed running and asked myself why I continue to sign up for these races.
  • Big Brother tonight!! 

Off to soak my legs in some Epsom salt.


7mi treadmill run this morning while watching Pretty Little Liars and old school Grey’s Anatomy.

Say hello to my new little friends….

Thanks to my Dad, I was finally able to upgrade my kicks to the Ghost 7s. I love my 6s so much that I decided to stick with Brooks. Why mess with a good thing, am I right? I was told there were no major differences between 6 & 7 but you never know. I plan on starting the transition sometime this week, maybe on Thursday’s 4 miler?

These babies and I will be crossing the finish line in Chicago come October!

  • 4 miles on the treadmill; average pace = 9:19
  • ha, I wish I burned 606 calories
  • the time said 37:18 when I finished the run so I’m not sure why iFit says 37:15
  • 5 min warm-up at 6.0 and then I set it on 6.5 for the rest of the run

Have a good Tuesday :)

Another week in the books! Week 6 was the last week of lower mileage so now it’s time to increase the intensity, according to Hal that is.

Here was the plan:

Monday, July 14th - Hmmm. Moving right along.

Tuesday, July 15th - 3mi PM treadmill run; avg pace = 8:24

Wednesday, July 16th - 6mi AM outdoor run; avg pace = 9:29

Thursday, July 17th - 3mi PM outdoor run; avg pace = 8:58

Friday, July 18th - REST

Saturday, July 19th - 9mi LSD; avg pace = 9:31

  • I was visiting my Dad in Virginia Beach over the weekend so my long run was done in First Landing State Park. One of the trail heads is only a mile from my Dad’s house so it’s incredibly convenient and I love running the trails in there because it’s a nice change of scenery. Not to mention it was PACKED with runners which was cool to see (and motivating).
  • My stomach cramped up during miles 1 & 2 but was female related so that’s all I’ll say about that. It went away pretty quickly after I settled in.
  • I started a little after 7am so it was quite warm while I was in the park (there was very little breeze) but it was shaded. Again, you can’t win them all! When I hit the oceanfront again it was nice and windy, like running with a fan.
  • I carried my handheld and drank water at the turnaround point (mile 4.5) and then again at the trail head (mile 7.8).
  • No pre-run fuel and no during-the-run fuel. I felt fine so I’ll keep experimenting more when the long runs stay past the 13mi mark.
  • This was a pretty effortless run which gives me some confidence going into the higher mileage weeks ahead of me. I just keep telling myself - one day at a time.

Sunday, July 20th - REST

Total = 21

That’s a wrap on week 6. 

12 weeks until Chicago! 


It’s a cutback week! 9mi {avg pace = 9:30} long run via Oceanfront and First Landing State Park.

I’m a quarter of the way through training but the scary thing is that was the easy part.

Let the fun begin!

And I thought I would be posting a treadmill run today…

  • I made the decision last night to run after work today. I assumed it would be on the treadmill but we’re having some unusual “cooler” temperatures here in North Carolina so I took advantage of it and hit the streets.
  • 48% humidity!!! Such a nice surprise - I didn’t come home with a soaking wet head of hair. It’s the little things ;)
  • My legs were burning after the first step. Really burning. It sucked, so I will be putting on the compression sleeves and using the stick tonight.
  • Despise my legs being pissed at me, I ran some pretty decent splits (for me). Whoop whoop!
  • Embracing the rest day tomorrow since I’ll be Virginia Beach bound! There are some really great places up there to run but I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the fittest cities in the US.

  • Woof. I was all over the place.
  • This felt like the run that was never going to end. Seriously. Every time I looked at my Garmin I thought, that’s it? 
  • The cooler weather got my ass out of bed this morning. Doesn’t help much with 84% humidity though…
  • I was dreaming of cold water at mile 4.
  • I couldn’t get out of my head which doesn’t make for an enjoyable run. But you can’t win them all - not all days are going to be rainbows and sunshine. So as Jay-Z would say, on to the next one.

3mi HIIT workout in 25:13; avg pace = 8:24

I feel my motivation slipping and it’s only week 6.  That’s not good, I still have a LONG way to go.  Snap the eff out of it, Jo!

I didn’t wake up to run this morning so I hopped on the treadmill after work and did a HIIT workout to break the boredom.

My playlist for this action:

  • Walking On Sunshine - Warm up @ 6.0
  • Jump For My Love (Pointer Sisters) - chorus @ 8.5, recovery @ 6.5
  • Turn Down For What (Lil Jon) - chorus @ 8.5, recovery @ 6.5
  • No Mediocre (TI) - chorus @ 8.5, recovery @ 6.5
  • Trumpets (Jason Derulo) - chorus @ 9.0, recovery @ 6.5
  • Leave The Night On (Sam Hunt) - chorus @ 9.0, recovery @ 6.5

One day at a time.

The quick and dirty:

Monday, July 7th - you know the day I’m supposed to “strength” train. Never happens. I rested instead - the July 4th weekend wore me the eff out.

Tuesday, July 8th - 3mi AM run; avg pace = 9:17

Wednesday, July 9th - 6mi PM treadmill run; avg pace = 9:27

Thursday, July 10th - 3mi AM run; avg pace = 9:35

Friday, July 11th - my official rest day; I thought I might actually do something fun and low impact to make up for Monday but nah, I rested.

Saturday, July 12th - 12.15mi AM LSD run; avg pace = 9:40

Sunday, July 13th - guess what I did?  RESTED!! I suck at cross/strength training.  

There you have it - a quick recap of week 5.  

13 weeks to go…